PPCS River Information Resource

Scheduled Maine River Releases This is a searchable database of scheduled releases on the Dead, Kennebec, Magalloway, and Rapid Rivers
Maine Streamflow Conditions This link will open another window with the USGS real-time streamflow data for Maine rivers.
River Classification System PPCS uses the international river rating scale for trip levels. The club plans trips on rivers rated Class I-IV. This is the PPCS interpretation of the system, with a description of the risks and the skills necessary for each level.
Reading a River A primer on reading whitewater.
2006 Dead River Private Boater Survey Results Download the 2006 DEAD RIVER PRIVATE BOATER SURVEY RESULTS as a PDF file.

PPCS, along with a consortium of New England paddling groups, sponsored a survey of private boaters of Maine's Dead River in order to obtain data on the preferences of the private boater community when negotiating future release schedules. This survey was hosted on the PPCS web site from early June through late August 2006.

The report gives a background and history of Dead River release scheduling, details and analyzes the results, and provides recommendation for future release schedules.

Some of the key findings:
  • The most popular release level is 3500 cfs.
  • 1300 cfs and 7000 cfs release levels are least popular among all boaters.
  • Overwhelming majorities would delete either a 1300 or 7000 release from the schedule if given a chance. In its place, the majority of canoeists would add an 1800 release and kayakers a 3500 release.
Some of the key recommendations:
  • A proposed schedule that increases the number of releases at the more desirable levels and decreases the number at the least-popular levels.
  • Addition of more release days on a provisional (depending on availability of water) basis.
West Branch Flow/Release Data This link will open another window showing conditions and release data for the West Branch of the Penobscot, courtesy of Brookfield Power