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PPCS Roll Dam Campground Project

PPCS is working to improve campsite access and availablility at the Roll Dams. Details of the project can be found here. The issue was first raised at the Fall 2006 Committee of Cooks meeting.

from the minutes of the Fall 2006 Committee of Cooks meeting:

PPCS action on proposed new campsites at Roll Dams

There were some issues last summer with regards to access to the Roll Dams campsite. Doug Field spoke to the ranger about it, and discovered that it might be advantageous to write a letter requesting the development of a group campsite. Doug read a draft of such a letter.

During the discussion, Mike Maybury suggested that PPCS volunteer its services to help with constructing the group site, for example by helping with the clearing or by donating a picnic table. Although there may be liability issues that prevent such an action, it was felt that an offer of assistance may strengthen the request.

A motion to have Doug and Ron draft such a letter, including an offer of assistance on the part of the PPCS, was unanimously passed.

Item 1. Letter from Ron Chase to the manager of the Penobscot River Corridor, outlining the need for a group campsite for the Roll Dams, inquiring about the status of plans for the same, and volunteering the assistance of the PPCS membership in the construction of any site.

Item 2. Reply from Matt LaRoche, Manager, Penobscot River Corridor, thanking Ron and PPCS for the input and outlining plans for a possible group campsite at Seboomook Dam.