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Meeting Minutes

Fall Supper October 27, 2007
Fall Meeting October 17, 2006
Spring Meeting April 26, 2006
Impromptu Spring Meeting 6/14/05
Winter Meeting 1/13/05
Winter Meeting 1/15/04
Fall Supper 10/18/03

Fall Supper Annual Meeting
October 27, 2007


The Fall Supper was held at the Penobscot Conservation Club in Brewer; social time began at 4:30pm, the dinner at 6pm, and the meeting after that.


Approximately 44 members & guests.


1. Slate of Officers. The slate of officers for 2008 was approved as follows:
President - Ron Chase
Vice President - Brent Elwell
Secretary - Melissa Howes
Treasurer - B.J. Maybury
Conservation - Greg Winston
Fall Supper - Laura Neal
Trip Book - Kyle Duckworth
Website - Carlisle Landel

2. Bylaws. Two changes to the bylaws were presented and approved. One will expand the Executive Committee to include the most recent past president. The other will change the meeting notification process to include postcard, website, e-mail, or newsletter.

3. F.A.R. Club. Pete Dostie spoke about the new Forks Area Recreation (F.A.R.) Club being formed that will include motorized and non-motorized activities and trails. It will bring together efforts to create & maintain not only snowmobile trails, but also the Western Mountains Foundation's (Larry Warren's) Huts 'n Trails xc-ski trail and the Forks Area Scenic Trails (F.A.S.T.).

4. 2008 Fall Supper. It was decided to move next year's fall supper back to Bar Harbor and hold it on Columbus Day weekend to allow people more time to enjoy activities there.

5. Penobscot Riverkeepers. The Riverkeepers extend a Òthank youÓ to the PPCS for our donation of $400 to assist in purchasing supplies to build a war canoe.

6. Bill Stearns Award. The second annual ÒBill Stearns AwardÓ was given to our Treasurer, B. J. Maybury. She is keeper of the books, leader, and organizer and we thank her for all her efforts and involvement over the years. Congratulations!

7. Miscellaneous. B.J. gave the Treasurer's report. Door prizes were presented. New members introductions were made.

8. Guest Speaker. Nick Callanan of No Umbrella newspaper gave an interesting and entertaining video & DVD presentation about the boating community & activities. Great show! Thanks Nick!


The fall supper & meeting ended at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by:
Melissa Howes, PPCS Secretary

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Conducted as a conference call*

Attending: Ron Chase, Gary Cole, Kyle Duckworth, Brent Elwell, Doug Field, Carlisle Landel, BJ and Mike Maybury, Paul Plumer, Bill and Fern Stearns, and Judy Markowski (also representing the Fields Center)

*The October 17, 2006 CoC meeting was held via conference call as an experiment. Physical meetings require that people travel sometimes long distances to attend, entailing the attendant consumption of time and gasoline. The convenience of a phone conference would obviate the need for travel, and perhaps allow more people to attend.

The meeting was called to order at 8 PM.

I. Nominations for 2007 Officer slate to be elected at the Fall Supper

President: Ron Chase
Vice President: Brent Elwell
Secretary: Melissa Howes
Treasurer: BJ Maybury
Conservation: Gary Cole
Instruction & Safety: Dana DiBiase
Web Site: Carlisle Landel

II. PPCS action on proposed new campsites at Roll Dams

There were some issues last summer with regards to access to the Roll Dams campsite. Doug Field spoke to the ranger about it, and discovered that it might be advantageous to write a letter requesting the development of a group campsite. Doug read a draft of such a letter.

During the discussion, Mike Maybury suggested that PPCS volunteer its services to help with constructing the group site, for example by helping with the clearing or by donating a picnic table. Although there may be liability issues that prevent such an action, it was felt that an offer of assistance may strengthen the request.

A motion to have Doug and Ron draft such a letter, including an offer of assistance on the part of the PPCS, was unanimously passed.

III. PPCS action on discontinuation of a number of USGS stream gauges.

Brent presented a report on the discontinuation of 9 automated USGS stream gauges in Maine. Most of these were in Washington and Hancock counties, and included one of the Narrauagus gauges as well as the Machias river gauge. These gauges are expensive to maintain ($10,000-12,000/year) and are funded by a combination of governmental (both Federal and non-Federal) and private (e.g. dam operators) sources. The gauges in question were funded primarily by the Atlantic Salmon Commission, which had received a funding cut for the coming year; thus the discontinuation of these gauges. At the moment, no other gauges are threatened.

Brent's contact at the USGS was not allowed to suggest what could be done to prevent future loss of gauges. Clearly, it is a matter of funding, and the best thing to do would be to contact those who control the purse strings, i.e., legislators on both the state and federal levels.

A motion was unanimously passed that a letter supporting stream gauge funding should both written to our legislators on behalf of the PPCS, and that we should encourage our members to also write letters individually. Ron volunteered to be the lead on this issue.

IV. Fall supper last minute planning items

Judy Markowski, informed us that the Fields Center will be open from 10 on; PPCS members are unlikely to use it before 12:30 or so. BJ and Judy will handle any last minute details.

V. Future of the Surfathon

The following people joined the meeting for this part of the discussion:
Gary Brooks
Clayton Cole
Sharon Pelotte
Lori White
Kathy Cornwall (Greg Pelotte's Sister)

Items for discussion
1. Decide on future of Surfathon in light of retirement of Surfathon Chairman.
2. Determine if event will continue and in what form.
3. Identify leader(s).

After some discussion, it was clear that the enthusiasm for retaining the Surfathon is still high. We've already established a history and attained a critical mass that makes the event easier to do in the future. The major issue: it is a lot of work, and nobody has the time or ability to totally replace Kyle as Surfathon Chairman. The solution was to form a committee of volunteers to run the Surfathon. The committee would rely on Kyle for his advice and experience. This proposal was unanimously accepted. The committee:

  • Kathy Cornwall, Chair
  • Sharon Pelotte
  • Paul Plummer
  • Doug Field
  • Lori White
  • Clayton Cole
  • Gary Brooks
  • Ron Chase
  • Other key points in the Surfathon discussion:

  • Andy Webb says that it was too much work to run a race in conjunction with the Surfathon. Nonetheless, Gary Brooks reported that MACKRO is still very supportive, and the race directors for the Marsh and Sou races want to donate any profits to the Surfathon cause.
  • Karen Webb sent a letter reaffirming their support of the cause and offering to continue to make their facilities available. She also wanted to make clear the their policy of no alcoholic beverages in their pavilion was crucial to their business, asking that we emphasize this in the future. Finally, she also suggested that instead of a potluck that the dinner be organized as a barbecue to which tickets could be sold at a profit.
  • The committee will be responsible for identifying the next beneficiary.
  • Make A Wish is giving PPCS a Community Spirit Award at their annual recognition dinner on November 4.
  • VI. PPCS stance on conservation issues (a continuation of an email discussion last month).

    Background: In August, PPCS was invited to be a sponsor of a candidates forum on environmental issues that was broadcast on MPBN on October 12. Other sponsors included Maine Audubon, Maine Conservation Voters Education Fund, Natural Resources Council of Maine, Northern Forest Alliance and The Nature Conservancy. This proposal engendered a spirited email debate among CoC members, with the final decision (on a majority vote) that we would not participate because the event was deemed to be too political, and that political involvement is inimical to the PPCS's ideals.

    The issue before the committee here was whether the PPCS should adopt a formal policy on supporting events that fell under our stated mission of ÒConservationÓ.

    After discussion, it was concluded that the Committee of Cooks would continue to evaluate proposals to participate in such events on a case-by-case basis. This proposal was unanimously accepted.

    VII. Report in canoe/kayak instruction class held in June

    Dana DiaBiase was scheduled to report on the course that he taught on Kenduskeag Stream in the middle of June. Paul said there were 5-6 participants, including 1 canoeist.

    VIII. Other business.

    A. Should the website be set up to accept payment of dues?

    If the website were to accept payment of dues, the convenience might increase new membership and/or member retention. Such a system could in principle be set up via PayPal. The following issues were identified:
    1. How would we handle the liability waiver?
    2. Would this increase or decrease the workload for BJ?
    Carlisle will investigate and report back at the winter meeting.

    B. Should we continue meetings by conference call?

    Everyone agreed that this was a convenient way to run a meeting.

    Kyle reported that cost of such a conference call is 9 and a half cents per minute per caller, charged to a (his) credit card. The meeting at this point had lasted 90 minutes; this worked out to around $8.50 per participant. This is certainly less that what one would spend on gas to travel to a central meeting site.

    It was moved and seconded and unanimously approved that PPCS should reimburse Kyle for the meeting costs.

    The next meeting will also be held by conference call. Because CoC meetings are open to all members, information for joining a conference call will be included in announcements for the meeting.

    Meeting adjourned at 9:35.

    April 26, 2006


    The C of C Meeting began a bit after 7pm at Melissa's house in Hermon.


    Kyle Duckworth, Dana DiBiase, Doug Field, Brent Elwell, Ron Chase, BJ & Mike Maybury, Bill & Fern Stearns, Melissa Howes


    1. Newsletter - Kyle proposed that we shoot for five newsletters to reach mailboxes on, or about, May 15th, June 15th, July 15th (pre-Surfathon), September 21st (pre-Fall Supper), and December 1st (winter schedule).

    2. Upcoming Paddle Events
    a) Mike Maybury will be holding a kayak-building class. More info to follow.
    b) Paddle Smart Symposium on 4/28 will feature safety, exhibits, classes, etc. PPCS will offer pool instruction w/outfitting & safety tips and classroom instruction w/risks and gear info.
    c) EMS (Eastern Maine Sports), weekend of 4/28 in Augusta will offer 10% discounts to PPCS members. PPCS will have a booth there for info.
    d) Need new PPCS sign to display at events like these. Fern offered to repaint our old one. Melissa will get a price from a sign maker in Greenville. Kyle will research prices. We'll probably need more than one sign - possibly a large (3'x3') and two smaller (2'x2').

    3. Surfathon (last weekend in July) - PPCS will team up with MaCKRO as a co-sponser of this. Andy Webb (of Riverdriver's Rafting) is organizing the Northeast Division Whitewater Open Canoe National Championship races on the Dead River the same day, so we hope to have some participation from racers.

    4. Fall Supper (10/21) - Judy Markowsky (Zip Kellogg's sister) has volunteered to ÒhostÓ it at the Field's Pond Audubon Center in Holden, which she runs. She will need others to help. Mayburys said they would take care of door prizes, and Ron and Dana also volunteered to lend a hand. Possible guest speakers are Zip Kellogg and Tim Caverly. Kyle will get with Judy to coordinate.

    5. PPCS Affiliations
    a) Cooks decided to maintain our current affiliations with NRCM and ACA, which are of minimal cost to the club.
    b) There was discussion over whether we should offer ACA instructor training to PPCS members. Dana reported on his investigations into this. Zoar Gap offers this and could tailor its instruction to our members' needs. We weren't sure it's a good idea to keep our members ACA certified because it would require recertification every few years and could create more liability issues for our club. We decided it's probably best to remain an 'informal' club. Dana will still run the kayak/canoe instructional in June. Paul Faria will help. More info will be provided for the newsletter.
    c) AWA (American Whitewater Affiliation). PPCS is not currently an affiliate of AWA, but Kyle and Doug suggested that maybe we should be, and noted several examples of times when PPCS was out of the loop regarding issues important to paddlers because we were not in contact with AWA. Cooks agreed that AWA are 'big players' with regard to dam release negotiations and other access issues, so we should be involved with them. Doug will research cost, etc. Ron will contact AWA to make arrangements to join.
    d) NRCM (Natural Resource Council of Maine). PPCS is currently an affiliate and has been 'forever', but is not active in any sense. Cooks wondered if there were ways in which PPCS could be more involved in NRCM issues or of some help to them. Dana will contact NRCM to investigate this possibility.

    6. Instruction & Safety a) ACA - see above
    b) First Aid - We decided it's best to wait until Paul Plumer finishes with his studies in June and then let him do it, since he has organized trainings in the past.
    c) Swiftwater Rescue - Wait for Paul also, for same reason.
    d) Kayak/canoe instructional - Dana will offer this class in June and will send info to Melissa for the next newsletter.

    7. Promotional Items
    a) T-shifts - Dana will research prices. Cooks liked the 2002 'model' with a 50/50 blend and durable material. B.J. will get more info and find out how many t-shirts we currently have leftover.
    b) Decals - B.J. will find out who made our most recent ones and get 1000 more made up. We'll take them to publicity events and include them in membership applications and Trip Booklets

    8. Gas Money - Due to the rising cost of gasoline, it was suggested that we provide some gas money for 'shuttle bunnies'. Rather than require this, we decided to include a newsletter blurb suggesting that shuttle riders offer donations.

    9. Other Items
    a) Kennebago Trip -Apparently there were some issues with this year's Kennebago Trip. This is a unique trip with very controlled access for PPCS only. Non-members wanted to join the trip because they'd heard about it and wanted to gain access to the gate via PPCS. There was concern that they may be taking advantage of PPCS and the Trip Coordinator. Suggestions included making a 'members-only' trip requirement for select trips, or requiring paddlers to come on another club trip first (to prove abilities) , or to let TCs handle it on a case-by-case basis. Kyle will propose to Morrill Nason and Paul Plumer (who usually run the Kennebago trip) that they put a note in the Trip Booklet's trip description that participants for this particular trip must be members.
    b) Safety/Rescue - There was discussion about our method of boat rescue. The current 'bulldoze' method doesn't always work and can create problems for other trip participants. We should consider other rescue methods.
    c) Other Affiliations - Mike suggested more potential club affiliations such as Outward Bound, UMaine, Maine Bound. Kyle will contact Paul Faria to inquire about working with Maine Bound and Mike will contact Mark Savage, who runs the outdoor program at Brewer High School.

    Time/Agenda for Next Meeting

    To be determined.


    The meeting was adjourned around 8:30pm.

    Hawk's Nest Restaurant & Pub, West Forks
    June 4, 2005 6:15pm

    Note: This was an unadvertised meeting, conducted for the sake of convenience because a number of PPCS members were at the Forks on this date.


    Doug Field, Kyle Duckworth, Melissa Howes, Brent Elwell, Lori White, Ron & Nancy Chase, John & Tee Brower, Kim Perkins.

    Open Issues:

    1. Surf-a-thon: Kyle showed us the brochure he's had made up for the Surf-a-thon. He's hoping to generate broader interest and more sponsorships with it. He'll also make up one geared more for participants. We're looking for any ideas or contacts people may have to create more interest.
    2. Kyle hopes to have t-shirts made for those acquiring certain levels of sponsorship donations.
    3. Doug needs someone to assist him with leading the Dead trip and with organizing dinner. Lori White volunteered to be in charge of setting up the dinner. John Brower said that he in fact was trip leader for the Dead trip but that he wouldn't be around that week. So Doug will be taking the phone calls from trip participants, and John will lead the trip on Surfathon day.
    4. There was discussion of a multi-river Hammerhead Challenge - Dead in the morning, Kennebec in the afternoon. Also it was suggested that we should find someone to lead a class I-II trip on the lower Kennebec for those not wanting to paddle the Dead.
    5. Kyle recommended opening a separate checking account devoted strictly to the Surf-a-thon since there's expected to be quite a sum of money dealt with. This was approved by those in attendence. Kyle will open the account at the First National Bank in Bar Harbor.
    Scheduling of next meeting tbd. Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Melissa Howes


    The Winter C of C Meeting began at 7pm at Melissa's house in Hermon.


    Kyle Duckworth, Melissa "Missy" Howes, Bill & Fern Stearns, Jeff Nichols, Carlisle Landel.

    Approval of Minutes:

    The previous meeting's minutes were approved.

    Old Business:

    1. At the last meeting Carlisle reported that he was waiting on a President's message from Doug Field to update that section of the website. Although that item is closed, he is now waiting on a President's message from Kyle.

    2. Carlisle had taken an action at the previous meeting to investigate the desirability of conducting PPCS canoe and kayak instructionals under the umbrella of the American Canoe Association (ACA). He explained that anyone who is certified by the ACA as an instructor can go to the ACA website and arrange liability insurance coverage for a course that they are conducting. (This was done for last summer's course at the Forks.) There is a minimal per-person fee for students who are not ACA members.

    New Business:

    1. Fall Supper: For a couple years, we've tried holding a combination Fall Supper/Activity "Weekend". We discussed whether this should be continued or if we should return to the old formatäand if we change location, where would that be? The Salmon Club along the Penobscot (in Brewer?) was suggested as a possibility. We decided upon Saturday, October 8th as the date. Fern volunteered Mike Maybury to organize the Fall Supper...but Fern also agreed to help. The group agreed that the Fall Supper organizer should be someone who goes to Florida each winter. Actions: Bill & Fern will contact the Salmon Club. Kyle will let Mike know he's been volunteered.

    2. Trip Booklet: Jeff Nichols will be putting it together again this year. Send any photos to him at PO Box 853, Bar Harbor. He prefers actual photos or a CD over e-mailed images due to download/connection speed. Our goal is to have the booklet in the mail by March 14th, so it needs to be headed to the printer's by late-February. Jeff needs info, ads, photos, membership list by February 11th. Actions: Kyle will find someone to sell ads. All members should send photos to Jeff soon. Missy will provide Jeff with a membership list by 2/11.

    3. Surf-a-thon: First year was for Camp Sunshine, last year was for Make-a-Wish. Greg and Sharon Pelotte, Taylor's parents, have suggested Maine Children's Cancer Program based at Maine Medical Center in Portland as the beneficiary for the 2005 Surfathon. The group agreed to this and Kyle will contact their organization. We discussed how to get more attendance from flatwater/class I paddlers. Suggestions were for more promotion in the newsletters. Actions: Kyle will contact the Maine Children's Cancer Program to coordinate the event and will look into getting t-shirts or stickers or other items. Missy will make sure to include a story and/or notice about the event in upcoming newsletters.

    4. Newsletters: We decided upon some specific dates to publish the newsletters ‚ March 7th, May 10th, early July, September 12th, December 5th.

    5. Website: Carlisle would like to update the website so people can input additional trips and search for specific trips. Carlisle is requesting the trip schedule in an MS Excel spreadsheet if possible. We need to coordinate with B.J. Maybury to renew our website domain name. Also, we need to send an annual letter of thanks to Carlisle's brother for donating the website space. Actions: B.J. will take care of website domain renewal. Missy will send a letter to Carlisle's brother.

    6. T-shirts: One suggestion was to have smaller logos over the pocket area of the shirts, but the majority prefers t-shirts with "the big ole honkin' logo" in the middle. Action: Kyle will research whether we need more shirts, then find out how & where to order them.

    7. Decals: B.J. Maybury has over 200 round decals stored at her house. It was agreed to include these with the trip book mailing. Complaints were voiced about the quality and size of the bumper stickers distributed last year. Actions: Kyle will arrange to get decals from B.J. Carlisle will research with Creative Print Services about getting more (better quality) bumper stickers made up.

    8. Hats: We questioned whether we have any hats leftover from when we sold them before and whether we made any money on them? Action: Kyle will contact Al Larson, B.J., and Rich Weber to determine this.

    9. Pool Sessions: Will forward info to Carlisle or web if we get any info. Prior to the meeting Carolyn Welch inquired about whether the PPCS would like to sponsor a pool session in the Lewiston area instead of AMC, since more PPCS than AMC members attended it last year. We voted to subsidize up to $80-100 from the club to offer this pool session. Action: Doug Field or Carolyn Welch will send info on this pool session to Melissa for newsletter and Carlisle for website.

    10. Wilderness First Aid: Paul Plumer will set up another class if we want him to. He suggested holding it at Riverdriver's Rafting in The Forks. We decided to let Paul decide on the exact date and make arrangements. Action: Kyle will contact Paul to see what he wants to do and to make arrangements.

    11. Swiftwater Rescue Class: We need to decide whether to hold this class again this year. Action: Kyle will research and report back whether last year's class was well attended enough to do another class this year.

    12. Bob Foote Class: Some members of the Boston AMC are interested in organizing a Bob Foote clinic. We agreed that Kyle should join efforts with the AMC to increase our attendance base and organize this event. Action: Kyle will contact the AMC to coordinate.

    13. ACA Instruction Training: The committee discussed whether the club should encourage or sponsor the ACA instructor certification of members. (The insurance benefits of having ACA-certified instructors are noted under Old Business above.) Last year's kayak/canoe instructional, conducted by Carlisle Landel and Gus Szabronski in The Forks, was deemed a success, and Kyle asked if we should do it again. Actions: Carlisle will call Gus to decide whether to set up another instructional class this summer. Carlisle will find out where PPCS members might take an ACA instructor certification class or whether the club could sponsor such a class.

    14. Dead River Releases: Wes Hallowell, Dam Engineer for the Kennebec Water Power Company, is in charge of scheduling releases and coordinates this with rafting outfitters, Flagstaff Lake camp owners, and private paddlers. The number of releases he can schedule is constrained by licensing regulations to a maximum of 20 days per year. Although the PPCS has typically had a representative at the release scheduling negotiations, we technically have no legal standing to be at these meetings in the future because we didn't submit the necessary paperwork request during the relicensing. (Although as long as Wes Hallowell is still around, he will probably extend an invitation to us as a courtesy.) The AMC and American Whitewater have successfully filed for legal standing as interested parties, and therefore will be a part of any future release negotiations, regardless of who is running the show. Kyle suggests we work with them to assure that our paddlers are being represented appropriately in the future. We need to determine what the desires of our club are ‚ what types of releases our members prefer ‚ so we have hard data to take to these organizations. We agreed we should create a questionnaire to determine member preferences. Actions: Kyle will contact the AMC and AW to coordinate our representation at meetings. Missy & Kyle will work together to develop a questionnaire for our members to determine our release preferences. Missy will distribute the questionnaire to all members.

    Other New Business:

    15. Bateau: Mike Maybury & Bill Stearns have been continuing to build a traditional wooden bateau. Their goal is to complete it by the middle of June for Leonard's Mills. It will replace one that may never get back into the water. They need guides to paddle the boat at the Leonard's Mills event in June. Action: Bill will do a write-up and get some photos of it for the Trip Booklet and the next newsletter.

    Time/Agenda for Next Meeting

    Probably a Thursday or Friday evening in late March, but will wait for Melissa's work schedule to come out to determine for sure.


    Let it be known that the meeting was adjourned at 8:54pm, one minute ahead of schedule.

    Committee of Cooks Meeting Minutes
    January 15, 2004

    The Winter C of C Meeting began at 6:30pm at Dart's Restaurant in Winslow.
    Doug Field, Kyle Duckworth, T.J. Mackee, Al Larson, Paul Plumer, Melissa Howes, Sue Williams, Carlisle Landel, Joe Quirion, Sharon Pelotte, Brent Elwell, Lori White.
    Approval of Minutes:
    The previous minutes were previously e-mailed to members.
    Open Issues:
    New Business:
    Time/Agenda for Next Meeting
    The next meeting is planned for Thursday, April 8th. Location to be determined and published in the next newsletter.
    The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm due to restaurant closing time.

    Fall Meeting and Supper
    October 18, 2003

    The PPCS Fall Potluck Supper was held at the Masonic Hall in Bar Harbor, Maine, with aproximately 35 - 40 people in attendance. 

    Vice President Kyle Duckworth brought the meeting to order.  He said that there had been one complaint about the "Chowdah" and that was that there had been some "highgrading" (not sure about the spelling of this) on the "Chowdah" which means that people had been taking all the good stuff out and all that was left for those at the end of the line was broth.  "Highgrading" is strictly prohibited.

    B. J. Maybury, Treasurer, gave the Treasurer's Report.

    Kyle thanked B. J. for her support.

    The slate of officers for the Penobscot Paddle and Chowder Society for 2004 was presented as follows:

                        President                                             Doug Field

                       Vice President/Trip Chairman                 Kyle Duckworth

                       Secretary/Newsletter                             Melissa Howes
                       Treasurer                                              B. J. Maybury

                       Instruction/Safety                                  Gus Szabronski

                       Conservation                                         Sharon Goguen

                       Trip Booklet                                          Al Larson

                       Fall Supper                                           Mike Maybury - Jim Peary

    It was moved and seconded that the slate of officers be accepted.  Motion carried.

    New Business:         Ron Chase reported that he has a plan for winter activities.  Encouraged people to participate in winter outings.  Had a sign up sheet available.

    Bill Stearns reported that in the vicinity of 30 -35 years ago, he got a telephone call from the ski patrol at Sugarloaf to see if we would like to come over and have a bateau race.  A bateau was used for running logs down the river.  Said we would be over to the Carrabasset River.  The bateau was under a pile of snow.   The PPCS ended up with a bateau, but it eventually broke up into little pieces on the Kenduskeag River.  The Leonard's Mills Museum in Bradley, Maine, looked around for people to run their bateau at their Living History Days.  Members of the PPCS have operated the bateau at Leonard's Mills for a number of years.  Volunteers from Leonard's Mills are going to build another historic bateau.  If anyone is interested in helping build a bateau, please contact Bill.

    Mike Maybury suggested that the PPCS build a bateau.  A motion was made to appropriate $500.00 for PPCS to build a bateau with labor coming from PPCS members.  It was moved and seconded.  Motion passed.

    Adam Chase and some of his fraternity brothers would be willing to help with the bateau.  Just be sure to give them some notice.

    Carlisle Landel asked if anyone has anything to put on the website.

    Kyle thanked Carlisle for working on the website.

    Kyle welcomed some of the new members to the meeting.

    Mike thanked Kyle for stepping forward and finding a location for the supper. 

    A thank you was given to Laura Neal for the seafood chowder. 

    Motion made to adjourn. 

                                                                       Respectfully submitted,

                                                                       B. J. Maybury
                                                                       Secretary Pro-tem

    After the meeting, the evening program consisted of Reinhard Zollitsch presenting a slide show on his trip on the Upper Missouri following Lewis & Clark's expedition.  The second slide show presentation was given by Rich McDonald about the "Gulf of Maine."  Both programs were very interesting and enjoyed by all.  We thank Reinhard and Rich for being a part of our Fall Program.